Naomi McCann is a Holistic Aesthetician with a passion for supporting her clients in achieving optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. Her treatments include a unique blend of positive vibrations, loving touch, and attention to detail. She customizes her approach by incorporating Reiki and energy healing. Naomi holds an advanced certification in the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymph Drainage™ and is a Certified Nefeli™ practitioner in Facial Gua Sha. 

By incorporating organic skincare products, eastern facial massage techniques, + Manual Lymph Drainage, Naomi’s work supports optimal skin function, stimulating the body’s natural immune response. This creates a glowing, sculpted, + radiant complexion. 

Additionally, Naomi has extensive experience facilitating fashion shows for top runway designers, and is also a home educator. She is a devoted yoga practitioner, certified Life Coach, long time Transcendental Meditator, and mother to her three amazing children. Naomi treats clients at her private studio in the Hudson Valley, NYC + Los Angeles. She feels honored to share her gifts contributing to the health and healing of her clients and of the planet as a whole.